Quality shaving products and other essential accoutrements for gentlemen including keyrings and pen holders derived using metal from historic sources.

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R100 Airship Keyring

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Pre 1900 Razors

Visit the pages with these Classic Sheffield knives on by clicking on the above links.

Unique items largely from other than Sheffield largely made by us using material from our collections of historic material collected over many years.

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Spitfire piece keyring 175

With a sterling silver ring this important piece of WW2 Spitfire from the Battle of Britain has been encapsulated into this keyring - remnants of history preserved for present day use.

raf tornado 350
Tornado penholder 6 small

This unique pen holder is created out of the drive shaft of a RAF Tornado.

Silver wine labels 300 new

We have a range of silver wne and decanter labels which you can see by clicking on the above image.

Art Nouveau Silver

Asprey Silver

Wine Related Silver

Armada Plates

Christening Gifts Silver

Sheffield & other silver

Other of our silver items can be seen by clicking on the links above.

The Admirals Knife 1

With the teak from one of Nelson’s frigates we have created a three blade folding knife which incorporates classic traditional Sheffield blades.

Concorde rotor blades
Concorde 293

Made out of Concorde rotor blades is a keyring which can be seen by clicking on the logo above.

concorde keyring boxed

This is a photograph of the gift boxed Concorde keyring. Its not a conventional keyring. We have tried to preserve the historic sinuous lines of the Concorde as well showing off the metal used in the manufacture of the Concorde. It’s an historic piece of aviation memorabilia.

London Silver spoons jpg

Hand made by generations of silversmiths are our hallmarked silver spoons which stretch back to examples made three hundred years ago. These include some fine examples of hallmarked solid silver Scottish provincial spoons dating from a time when when almost every town in Scotland had it’s highly skilled slversmiths.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

stockton & darlington knife 1

See our web pages epoch.gifts which has our newly created Stockton & Darlington 200th Anniversary Pocket knives on. The wood is from York Engine Sheds.

Navy teak pen
Royal Navy teak pen
House of Stewart pen holder

With the last of the Royal Navy teak decking we have created this pen. It comes with a sheath made with Royal House of Stewart tartan made by a Yorkshire Mill.

Teak decking 300

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