The Cutty Sark knife hand made in Sheffield

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The Sailing Master ran the ship for the Captain. He kept the ‘hands’ under control and he was a feature of  Clippers and pirate ships alike.  This knife is dedicated to this long gone breed of seafarers. It’s handmade in very small quantities and like many of our other items when the material used in it’s production has gone there will be no more.

The Muntz metal has taken a bit of a battering over the years and it has the pitting and wear associated with it’s decades spent under the sea. The box is roughly hand stamped much in the way a tea chest would have been and it carries the Cutty Sark stamp at random angles just as a tea chest would have done.

It comes boxed as shown with a letter on handmade paper describing the knife and the price is post paid in the UK at 95 for a unique piece of British Maritime history. It has square bolster as shown polished and riveted to the body.


The Cutty Sark was launched in 1869 and was a tea clipper. It’s currently conserved at Greenwich. The hull of the Cutty Sark was clad in muntz metal which was composed of 60% copper and 40% zinc. The sheathing resisted attack by organisms that infested the hulls of wooden ships. The bolsters on our knife are made from the original muntz metal from the Cutty Sark. The grips are made from the finest teak stored by the Royal Navy for ships decking and on the decommissioning of the Royal Yacht Britannia the Navy had no further use for the teak. The knife comes in a wooden box of the type used to retail tea brought back by the tea clippers and it is roughly stamped ‘Cutty Sark’ on it’s exterior in much the same way a tea chest would be. We have only had a few pieces of this historic product made as we only have limited amounts of this metal and the knife is handmade.

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The knife is part of our ‘Meaningful Metals’ range where we have tried to incorporate metal with a genuine historic provenance into our products. Other items including cufflinks and keyrings can be seen by clicking on the image below.

SPITFIRE CUfflinks 200

sniper plate belt buckle small

On we have a belt buckle made from a sniper plate retrieved from the area of the Battle of the Somme on the Western Front. An authentic piece not a plastic imitation and it carries the rugged patina of nearly a hundred years spent in the ground.

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A short history of Sheffield knife making can be seen by clicking on the logo above.

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To compliment our knives we have a range of leather products made from historic leather. Hand made out of Soviet airforce leather jackets from the cold war era we have card cases and other items. We have carefully dissembled the jackets and such things as Soviet ammunition carriers to create these unique products.

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Have a look at our keyrings made incorporating material from historic events - fragments of history.

Spitfire piece keyring 175

This keyring incorporates a piece of a WW2 Battle of Britain Spitfire in it’s body and can be seen by clicking on the image above. It’s 35 inclusive of postage within the UK and boxed.

Concorde 293
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Click on the Concorde logo above to see our Concord keyring made with genuine and historic metal from the Concorde supersonic plane. The Stockton & Darlington Railway 200th Anniversary pocket knife is also on that web site,

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