Sheffield made folding knife incorporating German V1 parts in it’s grips.

V1 solid black 250
V1 doodlebug metal
V1 buzzbomb knife

The German rocket came down in 1944 in Orlestone Forest near Shadowoxhurst in Kent. the knife is a Sheffield made pocket knife with rosewood grips into which is set the rocket fragments. It’s fifty years since man set foot on the moon and the V1 and V2 which were Hitlers terror weapons heralded the dawn of the rocket age. Including UK postage, boxed and with a letter on hand made paper describing the knife which as been made in a limited edition of ten the price is 95


Scottish driftwood folding knife 300

Made with ancient Scottish driftwood from the Western Isles is this Sheffield made pocket knife. The wood having been storm battered over the centuries has melded into one harmonious whole with the grain and oils melding into one. Each one displays different tones and blemishes and each piece is unique. All sold.

HMS Victory Knife

Magna Carta Knife

Cutty Sark Knife

V1 relic knife

Admirals Knife

Cutty Sark logo 200

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Landscape card case 300

From the leather jackets of cold war era Soviet aviation jackets and also from American airforce jackets of the same era we have created a range of products using this meaningful leather

Scottish driftwood folding knife 300

Created out of Scottish driftwood from the Western Isles is this hand made Sheffield folding knife. The wood reflect’s it’s probable centuries old past in it’s aging and beautiful tones. All sold

fragments of history 250

Created in our studio utilising materials with meaning are our keyrings. Each keyring is unique even if only in a small way and they connect the owner real events in the past. Fragments of History handmade and incorporated into keyrings. We have collected the material used in these keyrings over many years.

Tornado penholder 6 small
raf tornado 350

Made out of the Rolls Royce drive shaft of a RAF Tornado is this pen holder. Click on the image above to see it. It’s mission flown with as you can imagine all the associated scuffs and marks.

Art Nouveau Silver

Asprey Silver

Wine Related Silver

Armada Plates

Christening Gifts Silver

Sheffield & other silver

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The art of the photo frame 250

Other high quality craftmade items are silver photo frames. Like much of the items on our web sites it takes a lot of searching to find craftsmen still making high quality pieces and you can see some of our pieces by clicking on the above. Also included on that web site is our Concorde keyring made with original metal from the engine of the Concorde supersonic jet.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

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Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

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