Sheffield made folding knives some with handles made from the teak decking of the Royal Yacht Brittania and some with the oak from Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory

We have tried to obtain samples of rare wood much of it with historic connections. If you are looking for something really special we have wood with nautical connections and also knife handles made from wood which is perhaps one thousand years old. Currently we have a few knives made from the deck planking of the Royal Yacht Britannia. The HMS Victory folding knives are here.

 We also have pen knives made utilising wood from an ancient yew tree which was growing in Cornwall and the wood has been seasoned for the last ten years. With it’s associations with the bowmen of England the distinctive patterns of yew  present a superb contrast to the traditional carbon steel used in our knives. Our  HMS Victory folding knives are in short supply simply because the oak discarded from the last re-fit is running out. This page combines historic and exotic wood with traditional handcrafted pocket knives which make superb gifts. The range includes folding knives incorporating the walnut wood from Lee Enfield rifle butts and that wood has also been used for a traditionally made sgian dubh which is on our Scottish knives page.

HMS Victory Knife

Magna Carta Knife

Cutty Sark Knife

V1 relic knife

Admirals Knife

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A variety of Sheffield made folding knives utlising the walnut wood from Lee Enfield rifle butts commemorating aspects of WW1 otherwise known as the Great War are on our other web site

If you need to get in touch with us our telephone number is 01474 879923 and our email address is  The Sheffield made hand crafted knives on this page are unique to us and we are always looking for special wood from around the world for the manufacture of these fine hand made pocket knives produced by the last of the Sheffield craftsmen still operating in the Sheffield cutlery trade. The combination of the teak with it’s association with the Royal Yacht Britannia and the quality of the Sheffield made handcrafted knives make a wonderful souvenir of Britain's industrial heritage and a superb gift with both nautical and Royal associations. Superb Royal Yacht memorabilia as well as quality teak.


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royal yacht adjusted

The following are the knives made with materials from the HMY Britannia teak. As you can imagine this is the very best teak. After the last voyage from Hong Kong Britannia was decommissioned at Portsmouth. Amongst the original ships stores was a quantity of the original deck planking from when the ship was built in 1952/53 which were kept for the ship in case of any damage to the planking. HMY Britannia was built at the shipyard of John Brown in Clydebank This high quality teak was subsequently bought by my supplier of knife scales and supplied to me. The knives come boxed with a signed certificate detailing their origin and make marvelous nautical gifts. The blades are Sheffield made in the traditional shapes which have been used for centuries and are handmade by one of the last skilled pocket knife makers. Gentlemans wet shaving products some of which incorporate our wood are on our web site

roya final

You need to observe the law regarding the import, carrying and use of our products and certify that you are 18 years of age or older at check out.

metal-backgroundssheffield copy

Lambsfoot folding knife with teak scales

H11 Lambsfoot with teak scales from the Royal Yacht decking with signed certificate of authenticity Overall length six and quarter inches. The blade is polished carbon steel. All knives are gift boxed with handsigned letter detailing the history of the wood.  If you just require a quality wood handle on a folding pocket knife Sheffield made you should consider this teak for it’s quality. Price  59

spearpoint folding knife with Brittania scales
sgian dubh red sheath

H12 Spearpoint folding knife with teak scales from teak planking stored by the Royal Navy for over seventy years. The finest teak kept as replacement decking for the Royal Yacht. With the teak HMY Brittania folding knife we provide a signed letter detailing the history of the wood. Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia is the former Royal Yacht of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. She was the 83rd such vessel since the restoration of King Charles II in 1660 and is currently berthed at Leith in Scotland. Buying here H11 and H12 come with the red drawstring bag.

Price 59

Both H12 and H11 come in the red drawstring bag shown above. The cloth is the red scarlet cloth made by Hainsworths Yorkshire Mill and is the same cloth that has been made for over two hundred years. it was worn at the Battle of Waterloo and is even today used in the dress uniforms of the Guards. Of itself it is an historic piece of military history and combined with the quality of the teak makes for an historic piece of British history.

Spearpoint folding knife with ancient yew wood grips

H13 Spearpoint polished blade, carbon steel with knife scales made for an ancient Cornish yew tree with the timber seasoned for ten years. With certificate of authenticity. The favoured wood of the bowmen of England. This knife with the Battle of Agincourt engraving is on our other web site.

Price 41

Folding knife with Kauri wood grips
fragments of history black 350

To see our keyrings which incorporate historic material click on the image above.

H14 Sheepsfoot blade with New Zealand Kauri wood scales. Kauri is the oldest known workable wood. The wood is semi fossilised and grew on the edge of ancient lakes in New Zealand. This wood is carbon dated to around 40,000 years old. Over thousands of years trees fell on each other and disappeared into the depths of swamps. Some wood is now being recovered and used. Making the knives produces a few blemishes on it’s surface but  each knife is therefore different. You get a certificate saying what it is with the knife and the knife like all our knives comes boxed. With original handmade folding knives you always get variations between each knife. Overall length six and quarter inches.

Price 41

Lambsfoot folding knife with yew scales

H15 Lambsfoot polished blade, carbon steel with knife scales made for an ancient Cornish yew tree with the timber seasoned for ten years. With certificate of authenticity.

Price 41

Teak handled peach pruner

H16 teak scales with a peach pruner blade -

 Authentic original Royal Yacht Brittania memorabilia. With the teak HMY Brittania folding knife we provide a signed letter detailing the history of the wood. Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia is the former Royal Yacht of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. She was the 83rd such vessel since the restoration of King Charles II in 1660 and is currently berthed at Leith in Scotland . Price 47

victory oak 1

We have Sheffield knives made with scales from the historic oak removed from the Victory. The Royal Navy ship which was Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar click here

These make fine nautical themed gifts and will be of interest to those with a broad interest in British history and especially the history of the Royal Navy and it’s role in the Napoleonic wars

traflgar coin full size adjusted small copy

We have a range of commemorative coins associated with British military history and the coins are rebated into historic wood and gift boxed. Each comes with a letter on handmade paper explaining the significance of the item. The coin of the left was issued by the Royal mint to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar and we also have historic commemorative coins associated with the Great War and WW2. Click here to view them.

Ark Royal Commemorative coin small

This coin is from the series History of the Royal Navy and is rebated into wood from HMS Victory and gift boxed. It’s the Ark Royal commemorative 5 coin. It’s gift boxed and the coin is rebated into the wood. Like all these items it comes with a letter on handmade paper telling you about the item.

This item is available on our other web site

centenary black

With the centenary of the World War One battles having taken place over the last few years we have produced a limited quantity of farmers bladed knives with handles utilsing walnut from Lee Enfield rifle butts. The Lee Enfield rifle butts have been stored for over sixty years. The Lee Enfield the iconic British rifle for the whole of the last century had walnut butts until the start of WW2 and not only is walnut a fine wood for knife scales the knife using this walnut is a great link to our military past. Some of these folding knives will be engraved with the centenary dates of the WW1 battles as they come around.  Click on the logo to go to our other site listing these items

Lee Enfield knife engraved

This is the first folding knife with it’s laser engraving

scissors logo1

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somme centenary

Our Battle of the Somme knives are now in stock. The centenary is in 2016. The grips are made from the walnut of a Lee Enfield rifle butt. The Battlefield of the Somme is still visited by large numbers of people each year and is a memory in the lives of many people not just from the UK but also from many of the countries which were involved. The poppy which became one of the images associated with the conflict still thrives in Flanders Fields and can turn fields which have not be subjected to weed killer red. One of the brutal facts of the battlefield is that some of the fiercest  struggles took place over very small patches of ground no bigger than a couple of football pitches. Click on the image on the left to see the knife.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

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