We have a range of knives with walnut scales from Lee Enfield rifle butts. The knives are engraved the the dates of the various battles- click on the Somme button to see them.


Remember postage is free within the UK for all items on this web site and the final price is the price shown in the item descriptions

Knife, scissor and razor sheaths. Also honing stones, sharpening steels and leather razor strops

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leather pen knife holder

Leather belt pouch for pocket knives. It fits the single blade pocket knives and has a loop on the back to attach to a belt. The leather holder is designed to hold a closed knife. It is designed to hold a single  pocket knife. It does fit the double bladed knives but you should ask before you order it. post@typenet.com


Sharpening steel in pouch
Sheffield made small sharpening steel

This is a Sheffield made sharpening steel. Its designed to fit in the pouch above. The pouch has a loop in it which is specifically designed to fit this  sharpening steel. The price below is just for the steel. The overall length of the steel is four inches. It’s carbon steel and designed for small folding knives and penknives.


Sheffield history fire 1 jpeg

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swedish firesteel
Swedish Fire Steel box

Swedish FireSteel. Originally developed for the Swedish Defence Department. Includes a emergency whistle in the handle. The side holder in the bushcraft sheaths are designed to fit this item. The Light my Fire fire steel is manufactured in Sweden. All our prices include postage within the UK. Handles are durable plastic. Instructions for use are on the box in English and other languages. Stock number 323


Navy teak pen
Royal Navy teak pen

This pen is made with the finet teak strored by The Royal Navy for the last ship in the Navy to have a teak deck whcih was the Royal Yacht. The pen is made to commemerate the Queens Platinum Jubilee which is in 2022. The pen comes in a tartan sheath made using Royal Tartan Stuart sheath.

Slate whetstone

This is a Welsh slate honing stone. On carbon steel folding knives use it as described on our ‘Care of Knives’ page. Practice first on knives you do not care much about producing a less than perfect edge. This stone is original Welsh slate from a still functioning slate quarry. It comes boxed. If using for other than our carbon steel folding knives simply look up on the internet the suggestions for sharpening. Size 8 inches x 2 inches with a depth of 1/2 inch. Price 26

Pouch 22

This  pouch has a leather belt loop. it will fit the  double bladed pocket knives and will accommodate the bigger gardening knives up to about five inches in length. It’s total length closed is about six inches. Pouch reference number P2. The price includes 1st class postage within the UK as does all our prices. Leather belt loop. It’s an ideal size for our safety razors. Price 18 CURRENTLY SOLD


pouch P3

This knife pouch has a leather belt loop. It will accommodate a knife six inches long or a folding open razor. Like the one above it fits the knife tightly but has not been designed to accommodate any particular knife. Small knives will disappear within it making them difficult to retrieve. it’s total length closed is seven inches. Reference number P3 Price 20


razor pouch 2
razor pouch

This pouch is designed to accommodate folded open razors of a particular size and also some scissors. We can tell you which of our products it does accommodate but not tell you which of other peoples products it will fit. Closed it will fit a product five and half inches long. It has a leather belt loop. Reference number P4 Price 14


razor strop

Razor strop both sides leather. Overall size excluding the bracket fifteen inches. With a strop you can use the oil on the palm of your hand to lubricate the leather. If that is not sufficient you can use a little neatsfoot oil.  Price 17


Leather sheath for razors

Leather sheath for safety razors. The razor is not included. You can see our range of safety razors by clicking on the image of the sheath on the left. The leather sheath is 12. Stock number P12


Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

mammoth ivory 2

We have Sheffield made folding knives with grips made with Siberian Mammoth Ivory. You can see that range on our other web site by clicking on the logo left.

Douglas Bader cufflinks 350

To go to our web site with our range of cufflinks hand made with the same skill and attention to detail as our pocket knives go to our other web site by clicking on the image left. One of our cufflink range has cufflinks made from the salvaged relics of a Junkers bomber which Douglas Bader participated in shooting it down in the Battle of Britain.

sharp edges small

Our Arkansas whetstones which are amongst the finest available tools for sharpening knives click on the image left. They are particularly suitable for bladed products which require a fine edge. We stock the black Arkansas which is the finest grade.

Bentley tea light 201

This tea light or votive candle holder was made for the brake calipers of a Bentley automobile. It can add a touch of class to you lighting and is an excellent gift for the car enthusiast. Click on the image to see it.

Designer keyrings for sale 350

We have a range of cufflinks and keyrings crafted out of historic metal. These are not the products of jewellers they are made by cutlers and blacksmiths. Significant pieces each one in it’s own way distinctive, unique and a work of art. Each carrying the wear of history and providing a commemoration of historic events.

meaningful leather green 300

Along with our ‘meaningful metals’ pages we are adding ‘meaningful leather’ pages which include leather from historic sources including products made from the jackets of Soviet Airforce personnel and American Airforce personnel.

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