Terms and Conditions

We do not see our keep any of your card payment details on our computer all payments are paid and handled by Paypal

We will refund your money for any item you return in unused condition and within two months of purchase. If you have resharpened any of our bladed products including knives, razors and scissors we cannot take them back. Unfortunately we cannot take back items which have been used as we are unable to sell second hand pieces. When using any folding knives and fixed blade knives including bowie and bushcraft knives use gloves. These are working knives and whilst the fittings are the same fittings as collectors knives which cost many times more their special features are the use of historic and other materials as grips. Malcolm Carpenter, 38 Punch Croft, New Ash Green, DA3 8HP Telephone 01474 879923 Email m.carpenter519@btinternet.com

Cutty Sark logo 1 jpeg

Made using the historic muntz metal from the hull of the Cutty Sark which is combined with teak from the Royal Navy is our Cutty Sark knife and you can view this remarkable piece of knife making by clicking on the image above

You need to ensure that in your Country or legal jurisdiction you observe the law regarding the import, carrying and use of our products. In order to purchase any of our products you will need to certify that you are over eighteen years of age at checkout. You also need to use Paypal which requires you to be eighteen years of age. We do not see or store your card details on our computer. We have stopped selling bowie knives because of the impossibility of understanding what the law is.

1749 date 2

Since 1749 a Company in the UK has been importing this fine African horn into the UK. It’s a more colourful horn than buffalo and you can see some of our products made from this horn by clicking on the image.

Arkole knife 6

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

This oak which is probably a thousand years old has been incorporated into the grips of one of our Sheffield made folding knives and you can see this on our ‘Magna Carta’ pages

magna carta patina

sniper plate belt buckle small

Ground out of a sniper plate from the Somme is our belt buckles. Rather than a simple cast product these belt buckles are made with authentic materials - click on the image left to visit our site with these and other memorable and unique pieces on.

scottish driftwood 2 copy

Have a look at our range of Scottish Sgian Dubhs with one crafted out of driftwood salvaged from Scotlands stormy seas and air dried for two years.

brass belt hanger
The Brass Foundry 1 250

For our range of cast belt brass fittings click on the links on the left.

Landscape card case 300

On our meaningful leather pages we have leather products made from historic leather. The picture is of a card case made with Soviet cold war aviation jackets and American army airforce WW2 jackets. The jackets have been carefully taken apart and turned into products which carry the patina associated with hard use. Perhaps these items have been present at some of the momentous times in military history. Either way these are handmade items with an historic provenance.

V1 solid black 250

Commemorating the dawn of rocket flight and the Battle of Britain we have a Sheffield made pocket knife incorporating into it’s construction parts of a V1 which came down in 1944 in Kent. We only have a small piece of the metal and the pocket knife is handmade in Sheffield by one of the last craftsman prepared to undertake commissions for small and difficult runs. There will not be any more made after this batch of ten. The V1 otherwise known as the Doodlebug or buzz bomb was launched in the tens of thousands against British cities in the later stages of the war and it preceded the V2 which was the first true rocket.

HMS Victory Knife

Magna Carta Knife

Cutty Sark Knife

V1 relic knife

You can see some of our other Sheffield made knives created from historic wood and metal by clicking on the links on the left. These Sheffield made knives are made from wood and metal which is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

airship R100 300

Have a look at our keyrings. The one illustrated incorporates the fabric from the R100 Barnes Wallace designed airship. Barnes Wallace went on to create the bouncing bomb of Dambusters fame in WW2.

Tornado penholder 6 small
raf tornado 350

Created out of the Rolls Royce drive shaft of an RAF Tornado is this pen holder. Click on the image to see it.

Trincomalee with nail 250

This is a three blade Sheffield knife. Made with a Barlow blade and an Lambsfoot two historic Sheffield blades. The grips are made from the keel timber of the HMS Trincomalee Britains oldest floating warship. One of the knives we have is accompanied by a nail from the keel of what was one of Nelson’s frigates - a unique piece of British Naval history.

The art of the photo frame 250

Alongside our other craftmade items we have silver photographic frames. Quality items made by craftsmen which will enhance any photograph.

Stockton & Darlington 275 jpg

With the 200th Anniversary of the completion of the Stockton and Darlington Railway we have created a knife which includes timber from the York Engine sheds with a Sheffield pocket knife. That Sheffield made pocket knife along with our keyring crafted out of original Concorde metal is on Epoch.gifts

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