Care of knives of Sheffield knives

Carbon steel blades should not be left damp after use and to keep the blade in prime condition it should be wiped after use with an oiled cloth. Carbon steel gives the best possible cutting performance and edge retention but can rust if not cleaned and oiled after use. In the case of folding knives pivot points should be lightly oiled from time to time. To sharpen use a good oil or carborundum type stone and stroke from heel to toe at an angle of approximately 20 degrees to the stone. This will achieve a strong edge as opposed to a razor thin edge which may be to delicate for some cutting operations. This applies to our Sheffield made carbon steel folding bladed knives. Straight razors and other types of knives can be sharpened differently. Do not practice sharpening with your valued knives master the art with a knife you do not mind damaging. Do not store your knives in leather sheaths. Leather takes in moisture. If you are going to store the knives always keep the blades and mechanisms oiled. We have a Welsh slate honing stone on our accessories page. Always remember to use simple safety precautions when sharpening knives such as wearing protective gloves. For Sheffield made knives which require minor attention consider using a razor strop.

Knives and all other products with blades including scissors and razors cannot be returned after they have been re-sharpened or used by clients.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

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meaningful leather green 300

You can see some of our new range of pieces made from historic leather by clicking on the link above. Initially the range includes card cases and keyrings made from the leather jackets of WW2 American airforce personnel and also includes leather from cold war Soviet airforce personnel - all unique to us.

Barlow knife - hand made in Sheffield in the traditional way

The Barlow knife has a long bolster, an elongated oval handle and it was assumed to be named after it’s inventor. We have one of this traditional shape on our pens and folding knifes page. It is remembered in a folk song -                                                                             Buckhorn handle and a Barlow Blade         best dam knife that was ever made            Ive been working all my life                         and all I've got is a Barlow knife

Worked in a cotton mill all my life                Nothing’ to show but a Barlow knife

Barlow knife and a Barlow blade                 Best old’ knife that ever was made             


Spitfire keyring 3

The first of our new collection of historic keyrings is now available. This keyring is made utilising the armoured plating salvaged from a Battle of Britian Spitfire. It came to us bent, twisted and rusted and finding sufficient straight bits to use has meant that we only have nineteen of this item. We have welded a nut at the top for the fitting for the keyring and whilst it is not original to the Spitfire it compliments the rugged industrial nature of the piece. Click on the image to go to where we have a variety of products including folding knives made with historic material. An inspirational keyring handmade in Sheffield.

SPITFIRE aircraft CUfflinks

A new range of historic cufflinks is also available. These are made from the reclaimed parts of Spitfires and Hurricanes from Battle of Britain aircraft. Historic unique cufflinks not just for the aviation enthusiast but for all those who have an interest in one of the momentous Battles in British history the World War Two Battle of Britain.

Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt.    Lao Tzu

Knife Terms - the knife making industry still uses terms many of which originated in Sheffield. Here are a few of those terms.                                                                                       Haft - The handle of a knife or axe.                                          Bolster - usually used to describe the metal ends of the knife handles in a folding or pocket knife.                                        Ettrick shaped pocket knife - a traditional pocket knife which may have originated from the farmers knives used round Ettrick in the Scottish borders.                                                   Blade types include - Farmers, spearpoint, clip point, pruner, peach pruner, lambsfoot, sheepsfoot. Each type being developed over many years for different tasks.                       Bowie knife is an American term and most Bowie knives are clip point shaped blades.                                                         Tang The Tang is the part of the blade that extends into the handle of the knife. It’s the surface to which the handle attaches to the blade.


If you require a leather pouch to hold your penknives have a look at our sheaths by clicking on the button on the left.

scissors black glare 5

stacked scissors 300

Have a look at our Sheffield made scissors; fine quality precision made products designed to give many years of use and are quite different to the scissors you will come across in your local supermarket. They are made using carbon steel and nickel plating which produces scissors quite unlike in quality you will buy on supermarket shelves. The scissor blades have the same hardness as the Sheffield made knives.

Many years ago a man would ride around districts sharpening knives. He had a grinding wheel and would raise his back wheels off the ground and his pedals would would power his circular stone. Whilst he may be extinct you could now buy sharpening steels and do the job yourself.

Sheffield made small sharpening steel

A small sharpening steel for penknives on our accessories page. Click on the picture to have a look

And finally if you get this far on the page have a look at our Sheffield knives using historic and exotic wood including decking from HMY Britannia by clicking here Our

Currently we have Sheffield folding knives made from the discarded oak of HMS Victory and these knives make fine gifts for those with an interest in British history.

sharp edges small

Currently we have in stock a quantity of the finest black Arkansas oil stones and these are boxed in handmade boxes and are perhaps the finest sharpening stones you can buy. Click on the image to see them.

Gentlemens shaving products 350

Click on the image above to visit our web site with it’s range of fine shaving products.

Mammoth tusk knife M24

To see our range of Sheffield made pocket knives with grips made from mammoth ivory click on the image on the left.

Designer keyrings for sale 250

To see our range of cufflinks and keyrings made using historic metal click on the image left.

Platinum Jubilee 250
Navy teak pen

An historic event in British history is the 2022 Queens Platinum Jubilee which is occuring in 2022. We have produced a pen made incorporating teak destined for the Royal Yacht which you can see by clicking on the logo left. It comes in a sheath made in Royal House of Stewart tartan.

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