Authentic  Sheffield made Sgian Dubhs made with the finest materials. The Sheffield Scottish sgian dubhs are handmade and made by several different craftsmen and some of the Sheffield made sgian dubhs are made utilising a variety of historic woods for their grips. The Sheffield made Scottish sgian dubhs at the bottom of the page include some utilising walnut from Lee Enfield rifle butts and the Lee Enfield rifle butts have been stored since before WW2.

You need to be at least 18 to buy our products and to certify that at checkout by stating your date of birth. With our sgian dubhs, bowie and bushcraftt knives we can only take payment via the paypay buy it buttons and paypal require you to be 18 plus. .

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The items below the above line are Sheffield made but by a different Sheffield sgian dubh maker. All handmade and high quality but by different Sheffield craftsmen. Genuine Sheffield Sgian Dubhs also called the Skean Dhu made in the same way as they have been for centuries in Sheffield. They are all gift boxed in a plain black gift box and the price is inclusive of UK postage

Horn sgian dubh
sgian dubh jpeg1



This Sheffield Sgian Dubh knife has a horn handle. It comes with a leather sheath. This sgian dubh comes gift boxed and in the drawstring bag as described below. You receive a letter telling you about the cloth. All the Sheffield sgian dubhs below come in a drawstring bag with a letter telling you about the cloth and a gift box. The overall length is 8 inches and the stainless steel blade is three and three quarter inches.

We have tried to use some of our historic wood for these Sheffield made sgian dubhs. The Sheffield sgian dubh with the walnut grips is derived from Lee Enfield rifle butts. The walnut grips used for this knife were from the Lee Enfield butts produced by H. Morris & Co of Glasgow. For over three hundred years upto the start of the 2nd World War walnut was the wood of choice for small arms for the British Army. So the wood predates World War 2. You do not get many grips for a Sgian-Dubh out of a single Lee Enfield rifle butt. This sgian dubh comes with a letter on handmade paper telling you about the knife and a certificate of authenticity from the Sheffield maker. Many Scottish soldiers carried a Sheffield made sgian dubh into battle over many years and many battles and the sgain dubh with Lee Enfield Rifle butt walnut is a very nice heritage item. It’s  a fitting use for the wood as currently the various centenaries of different World War One battles are occurring.


Another wood we have used is 15th century oak from an old farmhouse in Yorkshire. It’s a dense hard wood with a fine patina. it’s smooth and hard and as you would expect from oak which has been walked on for over five hundred years it has a character which makes each piece slightly different. This Scottish  sgian dubh comes with a letter on handmade paper telling you about the wood plus a letter telling you about the cloth and the knife and is gift boxed.

Probably our finest Scottish sgian-dubh utilises the 12th century oak from a beam that was fire damaged in the York Minster fire. I have very little of this wood left. The wood came from a tree which was ancient at the time it was felled so it is a truly ancient piece of wood. It’s a piece soaked in the dramas and tribulations of British history. Some of the grips actually bear blackening from the fire. This piece also comes with a letter on handmade paper telling you about the oak and the knife plus a letter telling you about the cloth and is gift boxed.

12th century oak sgian dubh

This Sheffield sgian dubh comes with the traditional leather sheath pictured below. The handle comes out of 12th century oak from a ancient beam. It has a marvelous patina and we have little of the wood left. It comes in a drawstring bag and in a plain gift box. This Sheffield made sgian dubh comes with a letter on handmade paper telling you about the wood and knife with a separate letter telling you about the cloth. You also receive a certificate of authenticity from the Sheffield maker. It’s hand made largely using the skills of hand and eye. The wood is from the York Minster fire and we provide their certificate for the wood. As well as the amazing patina some of the pieces carry marks from the fire. The oak was probably old when they started building the Minster so it could be over a thousand years old. The knife is 7 inches long. Stock number Sgian 1. The Sheffield sgian dubh knife including the leather sheath, drawstring bag and postpaid with the UK is 88.

12th century sgian dubh 250

STRaight razor 200

Have a look round our web sites. The image above is of a pre 1900 straight razor made in Sheffield and from an unused cache - you can see them on and visit that site by clicking on the razor above

Lee Enfield wood sgian dubh

The handle on this Scottish sgian dubh is walnut from Lee Enfield rifle butts. Each of these Sheffield made sgian dubh’s is different due to the curves in the wood of the butt. Each one is therefore unique and it has taken skill and patience to extract the wood. It’s Sheffield made in stainless steel. It’s a beautiful wood and polished to perfection. The Lee Enfield traces it’s roots back to 1888 when the British army adopted a rifle created by James P. Lee.  For over three hundred years up to the middle of WW2 walnut was the favoured wood for rifle butts. These particular Rifle butts from which the handles of our Scottish sgian dubhs  were derived were produced for wartime contracts and manufactured by H. Morris & Co of Glasgow. They were unissued and stored every since. The Lee Enfield was with British soldiers in battles from the Somme to the storming of the Normandy beaches. Again as with all our wood it’s difficult to find and in limited supply. The British army early in WW2 abandoned walnut and moved to easier to obtain woods. The Scottish sgian dubh comes in a  drawstring bag and in a black gift box. It’s accompanied by a letter on hand made paper telling you about the wood and the making of the knife. It also comes with the letter about the historic cloth. You are buying a heirloom with it’s direct association with British and especially Scottish military history. Stock number Sgian 2 The knife including the  drawstring bag, sheath and boxed inclusive of UK postage is 68


To see this sgian dubh but with a blade derived from a Great War Western Front sniper plate retrieved close to the Gordon Highlanders Cemetery Mametz  click here.

scottish driftwood black 175

On the link above you can visit the page with Sheffield made Sgian Dubhs which have blades derived from ancient driftwood for off the Western Isles. It’s hard and polished and could be described a sub-fossilised from the centuries spent in the sea. It’s been air dried for two years and we only have about six of these items. The wood grain, wood oils and the wood itself have all melded into a harmonious whole and the result Is a quite beautiful creation.

Livingstone Dundee

We have a wide range of Scottish provincial silver which can be seen by clicking on the above image. It includes 18th century Scottish provincial silver spoons fro a wide range of Scottish provincial towns. Towns which over the centuries had their own silversmiths from an age when roads were not so good. Scottish provincial silversmiths achieved considerable craft skills.

sgian dubh with sheath

The above picture shows the Sheffield made sgian dubh in the leather sheath which is included with all the Sheffield made Sgian Dubhs. The historic cloth draw string bag described below also comes with each sgian dubh. Each drawstring bag is also accompanied by a letter on handmade paper describing the cloth and it;s origins

Hunting tartan
Royal House of Stewart
sgian dubh red sheath

From the red uniforms worn by the British Infantry at the Battle of Waterloo, to the thin red line at Balaclava to the jackets of the Red Coats in North America and even today in the dress uniform of the Guards the same wool cloth used in the uniforms of the soldiers in these epic events is still being made by the same mill in Yorkshire. You will not find a more fitting item for sgian dubhs. That red cloth made by the mill which was founded in 1783 is used for our red drawstring bags. It’s a sumptuous scarlet coloured thick wool cloth with a vibrancy of colour. Each of these sgian dubhs comes with a letter on hand made paper describing this historic cloth. The 12th century oak Sheffield made sgian dubhs the Lee Enfield wood Sheffield made sgian dubhs and the 15th century oak sgian dubhs also come with a letter on handmade paper describing the wood and it’s origins.

Sgian Dubh oak

Alternatively you can chose a drawstring bag made in wool from a cloth from a Yorkshire Mill using the Royal House of Stewart tartan. Its incorporated in the price and the Royal House of Stewart red tartan is thought to be  the tartan which dates back to the 11th century and are the ancestors of the present Royal Family. The other tartan is the hunting tartan of the Royal House of Stewart.. When you place your order email us and tell us which you would like.                  

This Scottish sgian dubh comes in 15th century oak. The oak boards were salvaged from an old farmhouse in Yorkshire. Like the others it comes gift boxed and in the historic cloth drawstring bag with a letter describing the cloth and the price includes UK postage. It also comes with a letter on handmade paper describing the knife and wood. Like  the other Sheffield Sgian Dubhs the wood is polished to perfection. The Tudor period oak is a rare find and makes for superb knife handles. Price 71


sgian dubh rosewood

Polished rosewood. Like the others this Sheffield sgian-dubh comes gift boxed and in a  drawstring bag with the letter describing the cloth and is inclusive of UK postage. It does not come with the letter on handmade paper describing the knife. Price 58


Address to the Haggis by Burns and you need a good Scottish knife to cut your Haggis

His knife see rustic-labour dight
An' cut you up wi' ready slight
Trenching your gushing entrails bright
Like onie ditch
And then, O what a glorious sight

Warm-reekin, rich

Planning a wedding and what better knife to cut the wedding cake than a traditional Scottish  knife

Amongst the offerings on our new site are these handpainted shaving bowls from Turkey. Handpainted in the Iznik style you can add a touch of class to your bathroom and own what is a genuine work of art. Click on the image to go to that site.

Iznic 5
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Douglas Bader Hurricane

We have a new range of cufflinks made from historic metal. The cufflinks are derived from aircraft including Spitfires and Hurricanes which participated in the Battle of Britain. They also include original metal from a JU88 in which Douglas Bader participated in shooting it down. Click on the image left to go to the web site which contains these items.

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V1 solid black 250

It’s 50 years since man set foot on the moon and we have a knife which incorporates part of a V1 which came down in WW2 in it’s grips. The V1 and V2 heralded the start of the age of rockets.

If you order over 100 of our products at any one time from any of our web sites you are eligible for a free Sheffield made pocket knife of our choice. The offer is only valid whilst current on our web site and subject to the order being made in one go and you must email us at the time of the offer on to claim the knife. It will be post paid in the UK.

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the armistice 1918 2018 200

2018 is the year of the centenary of the Armistice. Click on the image to go to our web site which has a unique collection of items commemorating this historic event.

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The knives and scissors on this site are from Sheffield the home of knife making. Steeped in the traditions of centuries of craftsmanship they all tell a story either in the blade patterns or the history of the wood. With all our products you are require to be a minimum of eighteen years of age and to certify that at check out. You need also to use Paypal which requires you to be eighteen years of age. We try with all our products to allow the history and quality of the wood and other materials to combine with the skills of the Sheffield craftsmen to product where it’s parts combine to produce a product  which is greater than it’s disparate parts.

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