Sheffield made Bushcraft and Survival Knives

The Bushcraft - survival knives are made in a different way to the other sheath knives.  They are a sturdy out door survival knife made from 01 carbon tool steel hardened to achieve 56/58 Rockwell. The edge has been ground through rather than whetted to achieve an  extremely sharp edge. They are made by Arthur Wright & Son Ltd who are perhaps Sheffields premier knife makers and these are probably the finest survival knives you can buy. The blade steel is 4 mm thick. These are the same knives made by the same person who supplies them to a variety of brands who resell at considerably higher prices

View our Care of Knives page for how to look after these bushcraft knives

Remember you need to be 18+ to buy these knives and you are required to certify that at checkout. You need to ensure that in your Country or legal jurisdiction you observe the law regarding the import, carrying and use of these knives

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Currently we have an Alan Wood bushcraft knife for sale in our other section.


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Bush craft knife. Stag handle. Four inch blade. Overall length nine inches. Leather sheath as shown. Lanyard hole in handle. Stock number J104



Bushcraft knife.  Rosewood handle. Four inch blade. Overall length nine inches. Leather sheath as shown. Lanyard hole in handle. Stock number J108



Bushcraft knife. Buffalo handle. Four inch blade. Overall length nine inches. Leather sheath as shown. Lanyard hole in handle. Stock number J209


Survival knife buffalo handle
Survival knife buffalo handle with sheath

You need to be at least 18 to buy our products and to certify that at checkout by stating your date of birth. With our sgian dubhs, bowie and bushcraftt knives we can only take payment via the paypal buy it buttons and paypal require you to be 18 plus and we can only deliver to your paypal address. We do not take payment over the phone or by cheque

On our other web site we have a belt buckle crafted out of an original WW1 sniper plate retrieved from the area of the Battle of the Somme. It’s one of our ‘meaningful metals’ range of products

sniper plate belt buckle small

Another new product is our ‘Cutty Sark’ knife. It joins our other historic knives which include knives made from the planking of HMS Victory. The Cutty Sark knife has bolsters made from the original Muntz  metal from the hull of the Cutty Sark and grips made from Royal Navy teak

Cutty Sark logo 200
1749 date 2

Founded in 1749 is a horn importer and our range of Ankola horn knives is made from knives from this source. Beautiful horn displaying a range of colours and each knife is unique

Our new range of safety razors is on our other web site which you can visit by clicking on the above image


Iznik shaving bowls handpainted are on our other web site click on the image to see them.

Iznic 5
raf tornado 350

Click on the logo left to see a pen holder made using the drive shaft of an RAF Tornado - a fine piece of engineering by Rolls Royce which must have cost a large amount of money to make.

Swedish FireSteel. Originally developed for the Swedish Defence Department. Includes a emergency whistle in the handle. The side holder in the bushcraft sheaths are designed to fit this item. The Light my Fire fire steel is manufactured in Sweden. All our prices include postage within the UK. Handles are durable plastic. Instructions for use are on the box in English and other languages. Stock number 323


Swedish Fire Steel box
swedish firesteel

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

Douglas Bader participated in the shooting down of a Junkers German bomber in the Battle of Britain. We have obtained some of the salvaged steel reclaimed from that aircraft and utilised it in the making of our cufflinks. You can see those cufflinks by clicking on the image.

Douglas Bader cufflinks 350

For a short history of Sheffield knife making click on the logo right.

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