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Handmade Sheffield folding knives  using exotic wood and burls from around the world. The bog oak Sheffield made folding knife is a particularly nice knife.

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Bog oak folding knife

The scales on this Sheffield made folding knife are made with bog oak. It’s sub fossilised bog oak from the East Anglian Fenland basin carbon dated to approximately 5300 years old. It’s a dense hard wood ideally suited for outdoor work and the knife is handmade with a polished blade. Carbon steel blade with a single polished bolster the knife is a tribute to Sheffield knife making skills. It comes boxed with a letter on hand made paper telling you about the wood and the knife. It’s overall longest length opened is six and half inches. Stock number B23.

Price 68


Scottish driftwood folding knife 300
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The grips on this Sheffield made folding knife are made from driftwood timber from off the Western Isles. The grain of the wood has fused into one harmonious whole and the resulting battering the wood has taken possibly over thousands of years has melded the grain and the oils into one continuous pattern. The wood has been air dried for two years. The knife is Sheffield made with a lambsfoot blade. Boxed and inclusive of UK postage the price is 55 SOLD


karelian knife 200

Another Sheffield made folding knife made with rare wood scales is the Imperial knife. It has flat brass bolsters and birch burl from Russia. The wood was the only wood used by Faberge in the eggs he supplied to the last Tsar of Russia. The Karalian birch burl has fine markings and we only have a limited amount of this wood. Click on the image to go to our other web site with this handmade Sheffield knife on it.

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Click on the image left and scroll through our complete range of Sheffield made knives including pocket knives, sgian dubhs, bushcraft knives and bowie knives.

Safety Razors

Our new brand of safety razors using antique wood is on and you can see that range by clicking on the image on the left.

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See our special offers on several traditional Sheffield made pocket knives and latest news by clicking on the image on the left.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

Douglas Bader Hurricane cufflinks

We have a range of cufflinks made from historic metal retrieved from Spitfires and Hurricanes which participated in the Battle of Britain. Some of the cufflinks are associated with fighter aces and also some historic WW2 battles.

One of our current cufflink listings is associated with Douglas Bader the legendary British fighter ace

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For a wide variety of shaving products including facial hair scissors, safety razors and stands, razor strops and honing stones click on the image left.

Designer keyrings for sale 250

Throughout our web sites we have tried to feature products which where possible use meaningful metals and wood which make a statement beyond the mere functional purpose of the piece. We can do that because our items are handmade in very small quantities and the material used is quite often unique and is only available in quantities which will make few items.

HMS Victory 400

Throughout our web sites we have a few items made with wood from HMS Victory - you can see some of those products on Typenet

Quote from Nelson prior to the Battle of Trafalgar

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A short history of Sheffield knife making can be seen by clicking on the logo left.

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On our other web site we have a range of fine silver made by silversmiths on our other web site which can be seen by clicking on the link left. These feature some fine 18th century spoons made by silversmiths in the UK and also solid silver photo frames which are of themselves are works of art. We also a wide variety of solid silver Scottish provincial silver from a time when roads where bad and each Scottish town usually had its own silversmith.

Teak decking 300
Navy teak pen
Royal Navy teak pen
House of Stewart pen holder

With the last of the Royal Navys teak decking we have created this ballpoint pen. It comes in a Royal House of Stewart tartan sheath

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