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All these folding knives come gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity and the price shown is the total price inclusive of UK postage

Sheffield made folding  knives and pen knives by  Michael Harrison of A. Wright & Son Ltd. - traditional gentleman’s folding knives made in Sheffield

metal-backgroundssheffield copy

Remember you need to be 18+ to buy these knives and you are required to certify that at checkout. You need to ensure that in your Country or legal jurisdiction you observe the law regarding the import, carrying and use of these knives.

Remember to look at our care of knives pages


Remember to have a look at some of our Sheffield made unique pocket knives made with historic wood grips.

HMS Victory Knife

Magna Carta Knife

Cutty Sark Knife

V1 relic knife

Admirals Knife

Clip Point Rosewood grips, Barlow traditional design knife. Note the traditional long bolster on this pattern. Overall length six inches. A fine Sheffield made knife. Stock number J123


It is remembered in a folk song -     Cotton Mill Girls.                                                       Buckhorn handle and a Barlow Blade         best dam knife that was ever made            Ive been working all my life                         and all I’ve got is a Barlow knife

Worked in a cotton mill all my life                Nothing’ to show but a Barlow knife

Barlow knife and a Barlow blade                 Best ol’ knife that ever was made


Rosewood handle. Ettrick shape. Overall length six and quarter inches. The Serpentine Ettrick shape is thought to originate in the Scottish borders and named after the village of Ettrick. Stock number J119


buffalo spear 5

Lambfoot Buffalo horn. Polished blade. Remember these knives all come boxed with a certificate of authenticity. They make ideal gifts and are all handmade. They are a tribute to the Sheffield knifemakers art and make ideal British made gifts of distinction.  Overall length 6 1/4 inches. Stock number J117.


john stag 9

Lambfoot Stag horn handle. Polished blade.  Overall length six and half  inches. Remember stag is a natural material and is never quite straight. The variations always give each knife a distinctive natural look. Stock number J120 For a slightly longer blade click here


70  farmer sheepfoot

Rosewood Farmers Sheepfoot. Overall length six and quarter inches.  Post paid and gift boxed and the price you see is the price you pay. Stock number J121



Peach Pruner Stag horn handle. Polished blade. Overall length six inches. This have the slightly curved handle.  Have a look at our pruning scissors in our scissors section. Remember these pruners are handmade in the UK Stock number J122


polished buffalo70

Sheepsfoot Buffalo horn. Polished blade. Overall length six and quarter inches. We box these items so they make ideal gifts for gardeners, fishermen etc. Stock number J123


Ebony handled peach pruner

This is an Ebony handled peach pruner. Ebony is a dense nearly black wood which produces when offset against the bolster a distinctive knife. Overall length six inches. Stock number 156

Price 36

Knife Pruner with buffalo handle

Buffalo horn handled Pruner. Overall length six and half inches. Remember the carbon steel blades in the scissors and knives are to hard to engrave. Stock number 157

Price 43

lambsfoot blade ebony handle

Ebony handled Lambsfoot. Like all these knives a handmade connoisseurs British quality Sheffield made pocket knife. Overall length 6 1/2 inches. Stock number J158

Price 36

Rosewood sheepsfoot folding knife with gut hook

Sheepsfoot blade, folding knife, rosewood handle. The blade has a gut hook. A nice folding knife for the hunter or fisherman. Overall length six and quarter inches. Stock number J202

Price 36

ironwood handle knife

Sheffield made folding knife with ironwood handle. Distinctive patterns of rich brown wood. Overall length six and half inches LAMBSFOOT blade. The handle is desert Ironwood which comes from the Arizona deserts. It is a protected species and collectors of it are licensed and can only harvest dead trees and branches. The wood of the Desert Ironwood is very hard and dense. It was used by native Americans to make tools and today they still gather the wood from the desert floor and use it for carvings Stock number J224

Price 51

LH knife

This is a traditional sheepfoot Sheffield made folding knife hand made In Sheffield with a carbon steel hardened blade. The wood for the grips is walnut from Lee Enfield rifle butts stored for seventy years. It comes boxed with a letter on hand made paper detailing the knife and the origins of the walnut. The knife open is 6 1/4 inches long. Stock number W2. Price 48


We have a leather belt pouch for penknives click on the button to go to that page.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

Single blade bog oak

The scales on this lambsfoot bladed Sheffield single bladed  folding knife are made with bog oak. It’s sub fossilised bog oak from the East Anglian Fenland basin carbon dated to approximately 5300 years old. It’s a dense hard wood ideally suited for outdoor work and the knife is handmade. Carbon steel blade with a single polished bolster the knife is a tribute to Sheffield knife making skills. It comes boxed with a letter on hand made paper telling you about the wood and the knife. It’s overall longest length opened is six and half inches. All our pocket knives come boxed. Stock number B24. Price 54

Have a look at our fine Battle of Trafalgar and HMS Victory memorabilia including pen knives. Our Admiral Nelson and HMS Victory oak gifts make quality unique presents. click here

sharp edges small

We now have a stock of black Arkansas sharpening stones. These come in a handmade box and are the genuine black stones. The black Arkansas stone are the finest grade.

historic keyrings jpg 200

Our new range of historic keyrings utilise metal from Spitfires and Hurricanes from World War Two and also the copper sheathing from HMS Victory.  The first pieces are on which you can visit by clicking on the image on the left. These are unique distinctive items made in small quantities.

shaving emporium jpeg

For our fine range of shaving products click on the image. These include straight razor, safety razors, shaving mugs and straight razor stands.

We have further ranges of folding knives on our other web site

HMS Victory flagship jpeg

We have a range of gifts including folding knives featuring wood from HMS Victory. Nelsons flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar and today the oldest serving ship in the British Navy - click on the image left to see these items. We only have a small quantity of the timber from HMS Victory left and we have a small quantity of the copper sheathing which we have made into cufflinks.


All of Michaels folding knives and pocket knives come boxed and Michael a fourth generation Sheffield cutlers is the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd., Master Cutlers  and Sheffield knifemakers. The boxes for our Sheffield made knives come in various colours simply because the box importer usually only has different colours each time I order.

the armistice 1918 2018 200

2018 Marks the centenary of the Armistice you can see a page devoted to some of our unique commemorative items by clicking on the image left

Arkole knife 6

Some of our newest Sheffield made pocket knives incorporate Ankole horn in their handles you can see these knives by clicking on the image left.

Scottish driftwood folding knife 300

Along with our sgian dubhs we have a folding knife in limited quantities made with Scottish driftwood grips. All currently sold.

concorde keyring boxed

Currently we have some Concorde metal from the Concorde supersonic jet. We have turned these into keyrings and tried to preserve the feel of the engine rather than machining out the shape of the engine blade at the expense of making a conventional keyring.  Click on the photograph to see them.

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