Handmade folding knives manufactured in Sheffield, England

This a selection of Michael Harrison’s of A. Wright and Sons Ltd penknives and pocket knives. His folding knives are good examples of the Sheffield knife making tradition and the Buffalo handles each have a different pattern and of course to that extent each is unique. We only try to sell on the web site items we have in stock and the pictures of the Buffalo horn handles in particular will be different to the items we show but they will be equally fine. All the pocket and gardening knives are made from high quality carbon steel. Remember the prices quoted are total prices including UK postage.  If you are just looking for a quality traditional working penknife you do not need one with a polished blade just look at the description alongside each knife. The size is the size with the longest blade extended. We particularly recommend the pruners with the shaped handles as fine gardening knives. The Sheffield made pocket knives come boxed in plain boxes.

Remember the prices for the folding knives are the total prices and include 1st class UK postage They are gift boxed

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Remember you need to be 18+ to buy these knives and you are required to certify that at checkout. You need to ensure that in your Country or legal jurisdiction you observe the law regarding the import, carrying and use of these folding knives and penknives

Remember to look at our ‘care of knives’ pages.


Spearpoint Sheffield made folding knife. Polished blade. Buffalo horn grips. Overall length six and half inches. Stock number J109


Pruning knife with Ox horn handle

Sheffield made Peach pruner. The current batch have OX horn handles which is much more colourful and translucent than the Buffalo. It makes for a superb distinctive knife with unique colourations. The colour is  largely at depths within the horn and makes it look three dimensional. Each knife is distinctly different and will not have patterns like the one shown. Polished blade. Overall length six inches. Stock number J110



Spearpoint polished blade. Stag handle. Overall length six and half inches.. The spearpoint blade as well as for traditional general uses was the fruit knife blade Stock number J112.



Double blade. Spearpoint. Rosewood. Overall length six and half inches. One blade is two inches long the other two and half inches long. This is an excellent double bladed knife for the price. Stock number J115


peach pruner knife rosewood

Pruner. Rosewood. Overall length seven inches. Note the different shape to the handle from the end cap pruners. Remember these are boxed with post paid in the UK. The price you see is the price you pay. Stock number 159


Lambfoot pocket knife rosewood

Lambfoot Rosewood. Overall length six and quarter inches. Remember these folding knives come with a wide variety of handle woods. Remember these Sheffield made pocket knives come boxed and post paid within the UK.  Stock number J118. 36


Buffalo Pruner. Seven inches. Note the shaped handle on these pruners- a superior quality pruner. These pruners with end caps are a sturdy  gardening knife. Stock number  J114



Pruner. Stag handle. Overall length seven inches. Remember to have a look at our leather pen knife pouch ideal for holding your pruning knife whilst working in the garden. Stock number J113



Pruner. Rosewood handle. End cap. Overall length seven inches. A sturdy utilitarian gardening knife with a carbon steel blade. Remember all these Sheffield made pocket knives come boxed and post paid within the UK. Stock number J111


Rosewood handle pruner knife

Peach pruner. Rosewood. Overall length six inches. Note the pruners have curved blades whilst the traditional Ettrick blade whilst similar in appearance is straight. Remember all these Sheffield made pocket knives come boxed and post paid within the UK. Stock number J160


Sheepsfoot folding knife1

Snakewood handle. Snakewood also known as Leopard Wood is from French Guyana. Snakewood is an expensive wood. It gets its name from the dark red to reddish brown snake skin appearance of the heartwood. It has irregular black-striped markings and dark spots. Overall length open 6 1/4 inches. This is a sheepsfoot blade.   J171


Snakewood spearpoint knife

Folding knife with Snakewood scales. Overall length open 6 1/2 inches. The snakewood used in these pocket knives produces  a high quality sumptuous appearance.  Spearpoint blade. Remember all these pocket knives come giftboxed. J179 53

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

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We have a leather pouch for penknives - click on the button to go to that page. You will also see Sheffield made sharpening steels for penknives and other Sheffield knives on that page.

leather pen knife holder
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We also have some Sheffield made pocket knives with longer blades click on the arrow left to see them.


All of Michaels Sheffield made  penknives and folding knives come boxed  with a certificate of authenticity and some of the knives especially those with the hand file work are unique to Michael. His pruners in particular are sturdy gardening knives and those with a pruner blade can of course be used for a variety of  tasks and the name is simply a traditional blade name for that type of blade shape. We have a range of horn handled folding knives which are one offs on our other web site. To visit our other site with the one off folding knives on click on the button below


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Snakewood knife with hand file work 6

Snakewood scales with a lambsfoot blade. Overall length open six and quarter inches. Remember all these knives come post paid and in a  gift box J201

Price 51

Double blade JM

This is a fine double blade folding knife with rosewood scales. One spearpoint and one lambsfoot blade it has a maximum length open of  six and half inches. This is a good sturdy Sheffield made folding knife. Stock number 369

Price 55

Bog oak folding knife

The scales on this Sheffield made folding knife are made with bog oak. It’s sub fossilised bog oak from the East Anglian Fenland basin carbon dated to approximately 5300 years old. It’s a dense hard wood ideally suited for outdoor work and the knife is handmade. Carbon steel blade with a single polished bolster the knife is a tribute to Sheffield knife making skills. It comes boxed with a letter on hand made paper telling you about the wood and the knife. It’s overall longest length opened is six and half inches. Stock number B23. Price 68

somme centenary

IN 1916 it was a hundred years since the Battle of the Somme. To commemorate this historic event we have a knife made with the walnut scales from Lee Enfield rifle butts. It’s a quality Sheffield made pocket knife. Click on the image to see it.

spearpoint folding knife with Brittania scales

H12 Spearpoint with teak scales. Overall length six and quarter inches. The blade is polished carbon steel. All knives are gift boxed and this knife comes with a handsigned letter detailing the history of the wood. It was from Royal Navy stores for decking and it’s actual age will probably be far higher than sixty years. The teak is high quality dense and hard and it makes a superb hard knife handle. Price  44 Buying here H12 comes without the red drawstring bag at the reduced price.

Arkole knife 6
Ankole 3 knife

See our special Sheffield made pocket knives with richly patterned Ankole Horn on our other web site. They have  beautiful grips in harmonious tones and you click on the images above to see them. Ankola was the horn of choice for Victorian artisans because of the richness of colour and the harmonious tones.

Lambsfoot folding knife with teak scales
sgian dubh red sheath

H11 Lambsfoot with teak scales. Overall length six and quarter inches. The blade is polished carbon steel. All knives are gift boxed and this knife comes with a handsigned letter detailing the history of the wood.  The teak comes from Royal Navy stores and is maybe of a considerable age and it makes a superb hard knife handle. Currently it comes in a red draw string bag made from the cloth from Hainsworths mill in Yorkshire - the same scarlet cloth made for over two hundred years and even today used in the uniforms of the Guards Regiments. Price  59

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shaving with opulence 350

For the discerning we have a range of shaving products which you can see by clicking on the image left. And links to our sections of Sheffield made pocket knives created with historic wood are on the right.

HMS Victory Knife

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V1 relic knife

Admirals Knife

wrap round mug last 300


Our new shaving mugs are available lettered with period typefaces derived from my late Uncle Cecils trade card. Click on the image to go to the shaving mugs page. Innovative and different you can also use them in the bathroom as toothbrush holders and for other shaving accessories. Reminds you of the good old days.

V1 solid black 250

From the very scarce remains of a V1 one of Germany’s terror weapons in WW2 we have incorporated a piece of t’s casing from a crashed V1 in Kent into one of our Sheffield made pocket knives. Perhaps it could be described as the first cruise missile.  Click on the logo left to see it.

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