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Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

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This range of knives are the products of a precision knife maker whose handling of materials especially stag and buffalo is of a very high quality. I believe that if you had a chose a Sheffield knife maker as producing the best knives I would chose Michael Harrison. He produces a range of bushcraft knives which are the same knives to the same specification as used on a famous survival television programme. Michael is a 4th generation cutler who has inherited the skills for which Sheffield was and still is famous. The buffalo knife  handles in particular vary considerably in colour and we cannot provide a particular tone for customers selecting those items but they are all of the same quality. Premier Sheffield craftsman ship and it’s best and preserving the traditional knife shapes. Michael has taken of the business of  A. Wright & Son Ltd.


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Remember you need to be 18+ to buy these knives and you are required to certify that at checkout. You need to ensure that in your Country or legal jurisdiction you observe the law regarding the import, carrying and use of these knives


Have a look a our fine silver mainly ancient silver spoons and especially Scottish silver provincial spoons. In the days before decent road transport these silver spoons were made by silversmiths who lived in each town and reached high skill levels.


We also have several of Michaels Bushcraft and survival knifes exactly as the John Mear’s type. Click on the button on the left to see these.


This is a close up of the fine tones you will get on a Lambsfoot bladed buffalo handled blade. You can click on the picture to see this knife. The pruning and other gardening knives are good sturdy tools made in the traditional way with brass fittings and carbon steel blades. The handles are made of snakewood, ebony, rosewood and buffalo each with a distinctive patina and of course are a pleasure to own. The ebony handled knives provide a sharp elegant contrast to the brass fittings. On all our pages you can look at the links on the bottom of the page or simply scroll through the pages using the large numbers at the top of each page. A new handle material is the Ox which is only available on one of the pruners. Ox horn is translucent and adds depth to the colour. Ox horn is a superb artistic material for the pocket knife handles but because of it’s limited supply and difficulty in working it is only available on one knife type.

You can pay by Paypal which you can use even if you are not a member and the advantage of Paypal is we do not see your credit card details or store your personal details on our computer. Each manufacturer makes knives distinctive to them and you will see on some of Michael’s knives a curved handle for easy grip. If you have any questions you can just give us a ring and we ship these knives to most countries. We are not registered for VAT so usually we are cheaper than some of our competitors.

You buy a knife or pair of scissors to suit every purpose with different blade types to suit different tasks. From handy knives for general use to the precise blade types for different of gardening jobs and each knife or pair of scissors is British made keeping alive a long tradition of Sheffield knife making.

Sheffield Scissors

Sheffield Knives

Old Sheffield Made Knives  & Gifts



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Ark Royal Commemorative coin small

Have a look at a new website displaying commemorative coins and medals related to historical events set in ancient wood associated with those events. This range of products is growing daily and some are very rare and in short supply. The items come gift boxed and the coins are rebated into the wood. These are truly heirloom gifts and only available for as long as we have the material and you can see them on

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From time to time we have special offers on our Sheffield made knives and when we have them you can see them on our other web site. Click on the image to see them.

Victorian fruit knives

Have a look at our range of antique and vintage fruit knives and other folding knives. Click on the image left to visit those pages.

Imperial Sheffield knife 300

On we have our Imperial Sheffield made folding knife handcrafted out of Karelian birch burl. The wood has a silky smooth feel which compliments the square brass bolsters which we we have reverted to for this unique folding knife. Click on the images to see it.

Karelian Sheffield knife 300

On we have some historic pieces associated with HMS Victory, Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar

Amongst our many unique items is a tea light holder derived from the brake calipers made for a Bentley automobile.

Battle of Trafalgar 123

Reward Poster 250

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