Classic Sheffield made gentlemens penknives and folding knives in a wide range of traditional blade types

Sheffield made knives including penknives, folding knives, gardening knives and a wide range of other Sheffield knives with different blade types and all made with carbon steel blades . These classic Sheffield made gentlemen penknives and pocket knives are made by some of Sheffield’s finest craftsmen and the links to all the site pages are right at the bottom of each page otherwise scroll through the pages by clicking on the figure 1 below. When you look at the Sheffield made pocket knives you will see some have shaped handles, some curved blades and each is designed for a specific purpose. Some are longer than others and some are made especially to reflect the skills of the knife maker with handles in exotic woods and other features like hand file work on the spring backs of the knives. The Sheffield pocket knife blades have traditional names the origins of which may have been lost but they are the products and inheritance of generations of Sheffield craftsmen some of whom are getting on in years and have a very limited output.  All our pocket and other knives are guaranteed made in Sheffield by Sheffield craftsmen. We have an ever increasing range Sheffield made gentlemans pocket knives. The blades are carbon steel a specialist steel for knife blades and you should look at our care of knives page for how to look after your knife.

metal-backgroundssheffield copy

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Buyers are solely responsible for ensuring that they observe the relevant laws in their respective legal jurisdictions or countries particularly with regard to the import, carrying and use of the knives they purchase. These are not items for re-enactors these are the authentic items in most cases made by firms with several hundred years of knife making history

If you would just like to see the Sheffield penknife and pocket knife ranges you can go straight to them on the links below otherwise for the survival knifes, bushcraft knives, sgian dubhs and Scottish Dirks click on 1 above

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

airship R100 300
Coolibah knife
Coolibah burl1
snakewood knife handle

The R100 airship was designed by Barnes Wallace of Dambusters bouncing bomb fame. We have a quantity of the fabric of that airship which we have utilised in keyrings. The fabric is stamped on the back as per the image left and you can see those R100 keyrings by clicking on the image left.

The first traditional classic Sheffield made pocket knife on the left has Red Coolibah knife burl knife scales. Burls result for the tree undergoing some form of stress during it’s life and it results in the case of the Coolibah tree in distinctive patters and whirls of red. Each piece is different and is a natural work of art. Coolibah burls are harvested throughout Australia typically in flood plains or near bodies of water. The other wood illustrated is snakewood which again is a beautifully patterned wood. Snakewood comes from a small tree found in the forests of Central and South America it changes it’s colour as it is processed and eventually turns reddish brown with the distinctive snake scale appearance. Our traditional Sheffield made pocket knife range frequently changes so keep looking.

York Minster Oak2

We have tried to produce a range of Sheffield penknives utilising historic wood. Some of our traditional folding knives have been made utilising Walnut from Lee Enfield butts to commemorate various Great War Anniversaries. We also have some fine yew to commemorate the Battle of Agincourt engraved with the dates of the battle. You can see these traditional classic penknives on our other web site by clicking on the picture on the left.

magna carta button

To see our fine gentlemans pocket knife commemorating the sealing of the Magna Carta click on the Magna Carta logo above

somme centenary

2016 marked the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme. We have a Sheffield folding knife which has grips from the walnut of Lee Enfield rifle butts and engraved on the blade with the date of the battle. Click on the logo left to see them.

Navy teak pen
Royal Navy teak pen

Using the Royal Navy’s teak stored for the last ship in the Navy to have teak decking is this pen. The last ship was the Royal Yacht. It comes in a sheath made in Royal Stewart tartan who were the distant ancestors of the present Royal family.

Britannia safety razor small

Our limited edition safety razor with the woodwork made from teak from HMY Britannia. The teak was stored for sixty years by the Royal Navy and disposed of when the Royal Yacht was decommissioned. We have restricted this item to fifty pieces and they are accompanied by a letter on handmade paper numbered and signed. Click on the image on the left to visit the web site with these safety razors on.


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karelian knife 200

Our newest Sheffield made folding knife comes with scales made from Karelian birch burl.  The wood comes from Russia and is a fine scarce wood and the only wood which was used by Faberge in the eggs he produced for the Tsar. Click on the logo to see it. A classic Sheffield made gentlemens penknife

Karelian Sheffield knife 300

Tornado Pen Holder

Spitfire Keyring

The Brass Foundry

R100 Airship Keyring

Our Latest News

Fragments of History Keyrings


History of Sheffield

Razor Stands

Pre 1900 Razors

We have a range of unique gifts including gentlemens grooming pieces, keyring with metal derived from historic sources and a pen holder made out of a drive shaft from a Tornada aircraft.

Leather keyring great war 300

The first of our new range of leather products is available. This one is a key ring handmade out of Officers gaiters from WW1

scottish driftwood black 350

Finally ready is our Sheffield made sgian dubhs with grips made from centuries old Scottish driftwood. Air dried for two years we only have a few of these items left.

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