Sheffield made Dissecting scissors

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Dissecting scissors

Straight dissecting scissors. Carbon steel, nickel plated. Overall length six inches. Precision made in Sheffield. Stock number 734

Price 31


Dissecting scissors

Straight dissecting scissors. Carbon steel nickel plated. Overall length four inches. Stock number 735

Price 27


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We have a number of different traditional gentleman's pocket knives with engravings celebrating various epic events in our Nations history on our other web site. You can view them by clicking on the image above. The folding knives  remember the Battle of Agincourt, the Battle of Waterloo and various Great War anniversaries.


And finally have a look at our new web site with a range of quality personal care products including manicure scissors, moustache and beard scissors and an increasing range of other quality items.

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Our new range of shaving mugs are on our other web site. The first carries the lettering from one of Uncle Cecils trade cards. Click on the image above to view it. Click on the image above to go to our other web site.

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Our 15th century oak planking has been used to make a limited number of Bowie knives. We do not have much of the wood and the Bowie knives we have produced have been craftsmen made in Sheffield the ‘Home of Knife Making’.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

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Visit our shaving site with a variety of fine shaving and personal care products by clicking on the image above.

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We have a new range of pocket knives featuring Ankole horn grips. Have a look at them by clicking on the image above.

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