Following the liquidation of Ernest Wright scissors these are the last available of what were probably Britains finest scissors. Some are unstamped others with Arthur Wrights mark but all except where stated  what was most the last of the original Ernest Wrights stock before his death. The business has now been revived but whats left of our stock is from the original Company

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Applique & Button Hole scissors

Hairdressing scissors

Garden and Floral Art Scissors

Embroidery and Stork Scissors

Dressmaking scissors and shears

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Professional and DIY Scissors & Shears

General and Left Handed Scissors

Nail and Personal Care Scissors

Kitchen Scissors

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Our Sheffield scissors are precision handmade products made with carbon steel which is a hard high quality steel. Fine quality long lasting products made by a family firm which can trace it’s scissor manufacturing origins back to the mid 19th century.  These scissors are made by one of those Companies and purchasers of these items are buying into that heritage. The scissors are made in Sheffield and are not outsourced imported items. They are probably the best scissors money can buy. Have a look at our online scissors shop. These scissors are precision made long lasting items.

scissors black glare 5

All the Sheffield scissors up to seven inches in length come in a black small plain gift box and that and postage is included in the price. You can pay by UK sterling check or by card by clicking on the ‘buy’ button. If you would like to pay over the phone just give us a ring. We will post outside of the UK but you need to advise us first of your location as extra postal charges will be incurred  If you need further information you can email us on

Our telephone number is 01474 879923


We have a new range of manicure and personal care scissors made from the finest Japanese steel on our new web site click on the logo above to see them. 


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And finally be sure to have a look at our  range of nail and manicure scissors made handmade in Sheffield.

We have Sheffield dressmaking scissors and shears  in a wide range of sizes all made in Sheffield


Ark Royal Commemorative coin small

On our other web site we have an increasing range of unique gifts. These are not mass produced items and are made in small quantities not just for the discerning collector but also for those who want something which can be treasured  over the years. The item above is a 5 coin from the History of the Royal Navy set in oak salvaged from HMS Victory Nelson’s flagship at the battle of Trafalgar.  All of these unique pieces are gift boxed and the coins are rebated into the wood. We only have a very limited quantity of oak from HMS Victory  and many of the commemorative coins are rare so if you see something that interests you strike while the iron is hot. The SS Great Britain paperweights & the HMS Victory paperweights are quite unique and only available in small quantities.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s pocket knives and folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

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STRaight razor 200

This is a straight razor made in Sheffield around 1865. It’s hand made, hand forged and each blade on the razors we have is slightly different. It is one of a number we have and they have been stored since they were made and are un-used

historic keyrings jpg 200

Have a look at our range of Sheffield made historic keyrings, unique keyrings made from a range of materials salvaged from iconic material from British history. The first item is made from the armour plating salvaged from a Battle of Britain Spitfire. We only have nineteen of these and they are provided in a limited numbered edition. You can own an lasting memento of epic events in the nations history and each keyring is unique because of the pitting and rusting of each item. It’s unlikely that we will ever obtain a piece of armoured plating with the history of this item and it’s battered distortions make allow this keyring tell it’s own tale

HMS Victory blue jpeg

Remember to have a look at some of our historic knives including knives made from wood salvaged from HMS Victory the oldest surviving ship in the British navy and Nelsons flagship at the battle of Trafalgar.

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