Sheffield made vintage and antique folding knives. Classic examples of traditional knife making for over two hundred years.

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George Westley pocket knife

Joseph Wesby Sheffield pocket knife with mother of pearl grips. Four tools. One marked hand forged. The Company was formed around 1880. Masonic emlem engraved on mother of pearl. Length closed three inches. Price 95 Stock number 87

Brookes & Crookes knife
Brookes & Crookes folding knife hallmarks

Two bladed silver knife by Brookes and Crookes. Hallmarked for 1942. Overall length closed three inches. Engraving on silver face. Stock number 89 Price 82

John Maleham’s Penknives

More of John’s Penknives

John’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

John Yeomans pocket knife
John Yeomans 1913

John Yeomans Cowlishaw fruit knife. Silver mark for 1913. Overall length opened four and half inches. Mother of pearl with initial on cartouche. Stock number 90. Price 40

Pocket knife Allen & Darwin
A & D 1912 mark

Silver mark for 1912 for Allen & Darwin. Overall lenght with blade opened four and half inches. Initail on the cartouche. Nice patterns on the mother of pearl grips. Stock number 91. Price 40

Bentley tea light 201

Have a look at this tea light holder derived from a brake caliper for a Bentley car. Click on the image above to visit the web site with it on.


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