Vintage and antique French knives

France has always had fine knife makers. Laguiole folding knife is perhaps the most famous of them. The knives on this page have all been made in France. Currently many of the new Laguiole knives are Asian imports as the name Laguiole has not been protected. The village of Laguiole still produces a few of these knives and the other main centre is Thiers where for very many years handmade pocket knives have been produced by a large number of Companies. All the knives on this site are French made as the name Laguile is now just a generic name for pocket knives. French pocket knives frequently have a spike as an attachment and this was originally used for farming activities such as removing stones from horses hooves. France is still a rural country and the it’s pocket knives evolved for tasks associated with farming. These French made vintage and antique knives can be a fraction of the cost of a comparable French made new knife and you may pay 300 or 400 for such an item.

Because this French knives are one off items we do not link them to the shopping cart. We do not stock new Laguiole knives made by artisan craftsmen in France are to expensive and certainly not as authentic items as these. Simply email us at with details of the item you wish to purchase and we will send you an online invoice for secure payment by paypal. If you would like further details of any of the items just give us a ring on 01474 879923

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raf tornado 350

We also have a range of other items including a pen holder made with the drive shaft of an RAF Tornado - and you can see some of our other items by clicking on the image above.

French antique knife

French folding knife circa 1900 with two blades. No makers marks. With decorative embellishments on the both sides of the scales. It has an ornate engraved owners monogram on one side. Overall length with both blades extended seven inches. Stock number 969.

Price 85

Ancient brass handled french knife

This is an ancient French knife. It no longer folds and only has remnants of the blade left. It’s has stylised dragons on each side and the handle is brass Stock number 949.

Price 55

Laguiole french knife hand file work
Laguiole Rossignol folding knife with fine hand file work

This is a typical Laguiole folding knife. One blade and piercer. Fine quality hand file work on the spring back and the traditional bee over the bolster end. Made by Rossignol in France. Open it is nine and half inches long. The grips look like rosewood. It is marked on the blade Languile Rossignol with the umbrella and bird logos. Stock number 950

Price 120 SOLD

Laguiole Extra G
Laguiole Extra 3 piece folding knife with hand file work

This is a Laguiole Extra folding knife by G. David. It’s a three piece knife with the spike not being shown in the picture. Somebody has stored it for may years in it’s original box and it has hand file work as shown on the spring back. It’s overall length open is 8 inches. A superior knife of a high quality. Stock number 951

Price 130 SOLD

Laguiole Massoptier folding knife

Laguiole Massoptier folding knife single blade. All these knives are quality items handmade in France. Over all length open seven and quarter inches. We gift box all our folding knives. Stock number 953

Price 90

Folding knife in the shape of a pig

French folding knife in the shape of a pig. The knife is in good order. CG mark for Gonan Chassangue. Thiers, France 19th century knife. The body is two and three quarter inches long.  Stock number 969. Sold

Price 95

st. james razor

Remember to have a look at our range of unique safety razors. Made with various kinds of antique wood they are handmade solely for us by skilled craftsmen. Click on the image to see them.

HMS Victory Knife

Magna Carta Knife

Cutty Sark Knife

V1 relic knife

We have a range of historic Sheffield made pocket knives carefully hand made out of historic wood and metal including timber from HMS Victory and metal from the hull of the Cutty Sark. Click on the links above to see these unique handmade Sheffield folding knives.

The art of the photo frame 250

Solid silver photo frames can be very nice works of art of themselves. You can see some of our collections by clicking on the image above.

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