Antique and Vintage fixed blade knives.

Remember the prices on this page always include postage within the UK. For other destinations please ask. On this page you will find antique, vintage and classic fixed blade knives, bowie knives and hunting knives.

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Scottish Knives

A small bowie knife by Joseph Allen & Sons Sheffield, England. Silver ferrules with bone grips. Length eight inches. The ‘non - XXL’ mark was acquired in the 1880’s. Joseph Allen died in 1893 and the bowie knife dates from around 1890. Price 250

sheffield maker mark1
Sheffield bowie knife

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Alan Wood hunting knife
Alan Wood huntng knife in sheath
Alan Wood logo

Highly polished blade, looks un-used. Nine and half inches long. Alan Wood hunting knife bushcraft knife. Price 350 inclusive of UK postage.

nebula blue 250

To see our new range of Cartridge razors which are Mach 3 and Fusion compatible click on the image above.

Spitfire keyring 3

This distinctive unique keyring is made using the armoured plating from a World War Two Battle of Britain Spitfire. The piece comes complete with the rusting and pitting and is hung from a solid brass belt hanger. We only have a few of these and they are available on which you can visit by clicking on the image above. It’s a really nice aviation related keyring.


If you purchase over 100 of products in one go from any of our web sites you will be eligible for a Sheffield made pocket knife of our choice providing you notify us at the time of purchase at

The offer is only available whilst current on our web sites

Ankole 3 knife

A Sheffield made folding knife for connoisseurs of knife making. This pocket knife has grips made out of Ankole Horn - each knife is different with the horn hand ground and polished to bring out it’s colours. You see these Sheffield made pocket knives by clicking on the image.

Concorde rotor blades Concorde 293
Concorde part made 300

We have a keyring made out of the engine parts of the Concorde. Each keyring is different and a complex shape. You can see the keyrings part made above and they are quite unlike any keyring you will have seen before.

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